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UK England Britain Flag 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Piece Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art United Kingdom Union Jack Decor Poster Prints Art Wallpaper Picture

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    This beautifully framed multi panel vibrant canvas wall art is printed using the highest quality fade resistant ink on 100% premium cotton canvas, & finished with a UV protective coating. This Multi Piece Canvas Wall Art is designed with canvas that comes with the utmost durability & quality, Framed & Ready To Hang; No additional hanging hardware required! Our archival canvas contains no optical brighteners and will not yellow over time. Latex inks are superior to solvent inks when it comes to image quality, scratch resistance, and durability. Our premium latex water-based ink is Greenguard and Ecologo certified for low chemical emissions and reduced environmental impact.

    This stunning wall art will become the centerpiece of your home and the topic of conversation among all your friends the moment you put it up! We use the advanced and most excellent canvas printing technology that makes our product eye-catching and very sturdy. All our canvas prints are printed in HD with Rich and brilliant colors. This is a high definition canvas printing of modern artwork or pictures on high quality, water resistant canvas. We bring you the very best wall art on the market! Our canvas wall art is designed to impress, & we pay astounding attention to detail. Not only does it look great, but it also manages to deliver a sense of style & uniqueness to the entire area where it is displayed.

    We Can Even Print Your Own Artwork Or Anything Else You Can Think Of Or Imagine! We Can Make It For You! Just Ask If You Need Or Want Specific Dimensions! ūü§ó

    ‚úÖ We Specialize In Personal Canvas Multi Piece Wall Art! They're Great For Custom Made Personalized Gifts!

    ‚úÖ All Canvas Prints Are Printed In HD Quality! All Canvas Wall Art Is Professionally Stretched, Mounted & Framed! All Personalized Canvas Wall Art Is Ready To Hang!

    ‚úÖ Your Canvas Framed Wall Art Will Make Your Home, Bathroom, Bedroom, Living Or Dining Room, Game/Entertainment Room Or Office Look Absolutely Stunning!

    ‚úÖ Made With High Quality Durable A+ Thick Cotton Canvas. Canvas High Resolution Prints Are Printed With Vibrant, Brilliant Eco-friendly Colored Inks & Are Finished With A Special UV Coating That Protects The Custom Canvas Print From Dirt, Dust, Scratches & Fading!

    1 Piece Size & Dimensions:

    20cm x 30cm (8" x 12")
    30cm x 40cm (12" x 16")
    35cm x 50cm (14" x 20")
    30cm x 60cm (12" x 24")
    45cm x 60cm (18" x 24")
    60cm x 80cm (24" x 31.5")
    60cm x 90cm (24" x 35.5")
    75cm x 100cm (29.5" x 39.5")

    2 Piece Size & Dimensions:

    Small: 25" X 12" Total - 30cm x 30cm x2pcs (12" X 12" x 2pcs inches)
    Medium: 33" X 16" Total - 40cm x 40cm x2pcs (16" X 16" x 2pcs inches)
    Large: 41" X 20" Total - 50cm x 50cm x2pcs (20" X 20" x 2pcs inches)
    X-Large: 49" X 24" Total - 60cm x 60cm x2pcs (24" X 24" x 2pcs inches)

    3 Piece Size & Dimensions:

    Small Squares: 30cm x 30cm x3pcs (12" X 12" x 3pcs inches)
    Small Rectangles 1: 20cm X 40cm x3pcs (8" X 16" x 3pcs inches)
    Small Rectangles 2: 30cm X 50cm x3pcs (12" X 20" x 3pcs inches)

    Medium Squares: 40cm X 40cm x3pcs (16" X 16" x 3pcs inches)
    Medium Rectangles 1: 30cm X 60cm x3pcs (12" X 24" x 3pcs inches)
    Medium Rectangles 2: 40cm X 60cm x3pcs (16" X 24" x 3pcs inches)

    Large Squares: 50cm X 50cm x3pcs (20" X 20" x 3pcs inches)
    Large Rectangles 1: 50cm X 70cm x3pcs (20" X 28" x 3pcs inches)
    Large Rectangles 2: 40cm X 80cm x3pcs (16" X 32" x 3pcs inches)
    Large Rectangles 3: 50cm X 80cmx 3pcs (20" X 32" x 3pcs inches)

    X-Large Squares: 60cm X 60cm x3pcs (24" X 24" x 3pcs inches)
    X-Large Rectangle 1: 60cm X 80cm x3pcs (24" X 32" x 3pcs inches)
    X-Large Rectangle 2: 50cm X 100cm x3pcs (20" X 40" x 3pcs inches)

    4 Piece Size & Dimensions:

    Small: 35" Width X 22" Height Total - 20cm X 40cm x 2pcs & 20cm X 55cm x 2pcs (8" X 16" x2pcs & 8" X 22" x 2pcs inches)
    Medium: 51" Width X 32" Height Total - 30cm X 60cm x 2pcs & 30cm x 80cm x 2pcs (12" X 24" x2pcs & 12" X 32" x 2pcs inches)
    Large: 67" Width X 40" Height Total - 40cm X 70cm x 2pcs & 40cm X 100cm x 2pcs (16" X 28" x2pcs & 16" X 40" x 2pcs inches)
    X-Large: 83" Width X 48" Height Total - 50cm X 90cm x 2pcs & 50cm X 120cm x 2pcs (20" X 36" x2pcs & 20" X 48" x 2pcs inches)

    5 Piece Size & Dimensions:

    Small: 24" Width X 10" Height Total - (4" X 6" X 2pcs, 4" X 8" X 2pcs, 4" X 10" X 1pc Inches) 10cm X 15cm X 2pcs, 10cm X 20cm X 2pcs, 10cm X 25cm X 1pc
    Medium: 44" Width X 22" Height Total - (8" X 14" X 2pcs, 8" X 18" X 2pcs, 8" X 22" X 1pc Inches) 20cm X 35cm X 2pcs, 20cm X 45cm X 2pcs, 20cm X 55cm X 1pc
    Large: 64" Width X 32" Height Total - (12" X 20" X 2pcs, 12" X 28" X 2pcs, 12" X 32" X 1pc Inches) 30cm X 50cm X 2pcs, 30cm X 70cm X 2pcs, 30cm X 80cm X 1pc
    X-large: 84" Width X 40" Height Total - (16" X 24" X 2pcs, 16" X 32" X 2pcs, 16" X 40" X 1pc Inches) 40cm X 60cm X 2 Pcs, 40cm X 80cm X 2 Pcs, 40cm X 100cm X 1pc

    ✳✳ For Multi Panel Canvases, Dimensions Include 1" Spacing In Between Panels ✳✳

    *Canvas Picture Mockups represent XL size. Please see sizing chart/image


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    Shipping Information

    Where can we deliver the package to?
    We ship worldwide.

    What are the shipping times?
    It takes around 3-5 business days to process/verify your order, create, print, frame & package your canvas. Then after you review & approve of your canvas from the pictures we will send to you of your printed product with our express shipping upgrade it takes between 4-14 days and our free shipping option it takes about 15-30 days to get delivered to you depending on your country.

    ** There can be delays beyond our control such as customs & postal service delays. But we do our very best to get you your order as fast as possible!

    What is the shipping cost?
    There is no cost! All our products come with free & very securely professionally packaged worldwide shipping!

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